Every year in the United States, over 750,000 children undergo tympanostomy tube surgery to address recurrent ear infections or persistent fluid in the middle ear.  The vast majority of these procedures are conducted under general anesthesia, incurring the costs of the operating-room environment and exposing children to risks associated with general anesthetic agents.

Tusker Medical is developing a suite of pediatric-focused technologies designed to enable placement of tubes in the comfort of an office environment, thus avoiding general anesthetics.     


Tusker’s iontophoresis system applies a low-level electrical charge to an ionic drug, accelerating tissue uptake.  Through clinical science, our goal is to demonstrate that iontophoresis can be used to safely and reliably provide needle-free local anesthesia to the tympanic membrane. 



Tusker’s tube delivery system is designed to provide an automated single-button delivery of the tympanostomy tube. 


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Tusker Medical's goal is to enable in-office tube placement in children without the need for restraints or sedation.  Having young children of our own, we understand the challenges of medical procedures in alert youngsters.  

Working with expert child psychologists, Tusker has developed several behavioral support tools to help the child and the family have a successful and low-stress procedure. Preliminary published evidence suggests the child's stress during the procedure is low (Cohen, 2015), and a high rate of success can be achieved (Zeiders, 2015).


CAUTION: Investigational Use Only.  Not approved for sale in the United States.