Sr. R&D Engineer

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Participate in the design and development towards clinical use and commercialization of next-generation medical devices used in the treatment of ENT diseases. 
  • Generate concepts, design mechanisms, parts and assemblies that can interface with highly variable patient anatomy
  • Interact with external (e.g. clinicians) and internal customers (e.g. strategic marketing) to identify user needs, converting them to engineering inputs and outputs and into verified/validated devices and procedures. 
  • Contribute to verification and validation activities through regulatory clearance and design transfer.
  • Author Design Control documents such as test methods, protocols, and reports and execute on device verification and validations per the Quality System Requirements.
  • Oversee engineering technician activities especially those related to prototype creation and product testing.
  • Contribute in the generation of Intellectual Property.
  • Support US and international clinical study cases including proctoring cases and leading physician device training
  • Contribute in Technical and Peer Reviews.  
  • Help with project management by developing design development plans and schedules. 
  • Proactively identify and act upon project risks and opportunities.

Please contact HR department for job qualification requirements.

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