Director of Health Policy and Reimbursement

Job Summary:

The Director of Health Policy and Reimbursement will be an office-based position that focuses primarily on the development and management of a market access hub to support coverage and appropriate payment for TULA cases. This position will be focused on translating the clinical and economic evidence value proposition into tactics and efforts that support physician practices and or hospital facilities and obtain payer coverage and sustainable payments.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide input on reimbursement strategy and develop materials and tactics that leverage company’s products’ value proposition to overcome reimbursement hurdles -including but not limited to developing market access programs, securing commercial payer coverage, and developing strategies, tactics and programs to obtain coverage and payment for Medicaid patients

  • This position’s main focus is to develop, manage and improve Tusker’s market access support service program. Key tasks will be working with the market access vendor, determining KPIs, contract structure, identifying critical success areas and potential failure modes and working with the vendor to have plans in place address potential complications such as- higher than expected volume or difficulty getting ENT practices to enroll; adapting the hub to the needs of specific market segments such as, academic centers, group practices and IDNs.

  • Conduct research and analysis to improve decision-making e.g. interviews with physician offices and practice managers, discussions with hub and market access experts, problem solving sessions with hub vendor team to improve hub function and sharpen strategic focus

  • Determine data needs to support effective payer targeting and monitor and improve hub effectiveness.

  • Provide ongoing analysis of hub strengths and weaknesses

  • Use data, research and analysis to increase program effectiveness such as targeting of payers and/or developing materials to support coverage and appropriate payment.

  • Lead, plan, and facilitate meetings and working sessions with US payers and providers to influence public/private payer to achieve coverage and payment

  • Tactics development- billing and reimbursement launch materials development, outreach to physicians and billing offices

  • Understand, monitor and keep abreast of trends in health economics and reimbursement policies that impact our products and the competitive landscape.

  • Provide actionable assessments of local reimbursement environments to help guide strategy, resourcing and tactical implementation

  • Lead and participate on teams to perform analyses, evaluate options, and develop recommendations to overcome economic barriers to market adoption

  • Travel where needed to support reimbursement execution including site visits to physician practices or hospital administration, sales meetings, product training classes and tradeshows

Please contact HR department for job qualification requirements.

Manufacturing Engineer

Job Summary:

Support Manufacturing in order to meet manufacturing schedule goals while enhancing productivity and product quality.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Support Production on daily tasks by providing as-needed sustaining support and training for assembly personnel such as productions supplies, equipment operation and process instructions.

  • Support Production as needed for defect analysis, failure analysis, and production line quality issues that occur in the Production area.

  • Initiate, maintain, and monitor equipment/fixture quality standards such as calibration, preventive maintenance, and repairs on an ongoing basis.

  • Support Quality in ongoing material issue reviews and nonconformances related to Production issues.

  • Support the Operations group in manufacturing efficiency exercises utilizing tools such as Six Sigma and Lean Principles.

  • Design, develop, and implement production equipment/fixtures and processes that will increase efficiency, reliability, and safety of assembly personnel.

  • Provide technical support and monitoring of Contract Manufacturers and Suppliers.

  • Implement new equipment and tools into Production utilizing quality tools such as IQ/OQ/PQ and Process Validations that meet requirements of Class III / PMA product.

  • Support R&D on an ongoing basis to implement low risk design changes into Production.

  • Design and develop manufacturing processes for new products, product changes and enhancements, and related tooling and fixtures which are consistent with a zero-defect level as well as low product cost.

  • Support prototype and pilot production of new products, product changes, and enhancements in coordination with the Manufacturing and Quality Control functions.

  • Maintain current knowledge of medical, technical, and biomedical developments as related to company products.

  • Work with product development staff to ensure that products under development are optimally manufacturable and to resolve manufacturing issues.

  • Complete accurate and timely manufacturing documentation including manufacturing procedures, materials records, etc.

  • Support company goals and objectives, policies and procedures, Good Manufacturing Practices, and FDA regulations.

Please contact HR department for job qualification requirements.

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